the oxford art book

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Andrew Banks

Joseph Venning

Andrew Storey

Julia Seaton
Andy Jones 

Kath Anderson

The Jones Boys 

Katherine Dereli

Andy Mercer

Keith Drury

Anton Dolders

Keith F Smith

Ben Staves

Ken Storey

Bethany Evelyn

Louise Morgan

Bob Goldsborough

Maggie Fulton

Brian Beattie

Martin Whittam

Bronagh Kennedy

Meha Hindocha  

Carlos Ferg

Michael James

Charlie Weatherstone

Moara Marques

Dan Howden

Nathan Pendlebury

Darin Mount 

Moscardini Designs

David Shiers

Olga Snell

Ed Farrell

Patricia McDonald

Eimear Kavanagh

Paul Anderson

Emma Bennett

Paul R Francis

Graham McQuade

Ruth Allen

Helen Bridge

Shaun Evans

Helen Bridge

Sophie Green

James Hartwell

Steph Dekker

Jayne Ruffell-Ward

Sue Aigelsreiter

Jazz Stan Susan Finch

Jo Gough

Vicky Dolan

John Petch

Wilson Yau

Jenny Seddon (Map)    






Whilst we strive for utmost precision in every detail of The City Art Book series, we cannot be held responsible for any errors or omissions made at time of going to press.  If any such omissions/errors do occur they will be rectified in any additional print editions.