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Development of The Liverpool Art Book, the fourth in The City Art Book series began in September 2018.  Over 180 artists are already represented in the first 3 City Art Books (Cambridge, Oxford and Edinburgh), which show these cities through the eyes of the artists they inspire. 

Contemporary, vibrant and quirky the hardback books provide a (free) opportunity for artists to get their work seen by a broad audience and to have their work shown in a high quality popular publication.  (127 pages of full colour images with a map to encourage people to walk around the city to stand in the footsteps of the artist).

A word by the Editor, Emma Bennett:

'The City Art Books started from a little idea by an artist frustrated at the lack of opportunities for her and her fellow artists to get their work seen by a broader audience. After a huge amount of hard work to get the idea off the ground for The Cambridge Art Book, it was the constant enthisiasm and support by local artists to keep going, to get the varied work of so many artists seen in once place that kept momentum up. After the sucess of The Cambridge Book, other artists in other cities started to contact Emma to enquire about similar opportunities. So with the help of a lot of coffee and some amazing artists the books conitue to be loved by many. Exhibition groups have formed and artists circles in places they did not exist before and it is exciting to see these developments.'

The book will be published by Cambridge based publisher UIT/Green Books in 2019.


The deadline for submitting images has now passed and a local panel of city and art experts have now chosen over 130 images for inclusion. If you would like to find out more about The Liverpool Art Book please use the link below or e-mail us at: theliverpoolartbook@gmail.com

If you would like to buy The Cambridge Art Book the link is here:


or The Oxford Art Book:


The Oxford Art Book



The Liverpool Art Book:

'If you love Liverpool then you’ll love this wonderful book'

Paul O’Grady

'Vibrant, edgy, full of life ...this book’s a fitting tribute to a British city like no other'

Jane Garvey

'A visual love letter to a beautiful city'

Stephen McGann

'Inspiration is everywhere, nowhere more so, than on the streets of Liverpool, now captured within the pages of this
brilliant book'

Shaun Evans, ‘Endeavour’

'This book has so many wonderfully creative images of my home-town - love it!'
Gerry Marsden MBE

Overview of The Liverpool Art Book

liverpool map

Maps for The City Art Books are ceated by Jenny Seddon


Comments about the City Art Books:

'A book to treasure' 

Stephen Fry

'Just gorgeous' 

Joanna Lumley

'How completley magnificent'

Claudia Winkleman

'There’s a feast within these pages, celebrating the great city of Oxford and the artists it inspires; open your eyes and rejoice'

Miriam Margolyes

‘A dreamy, inspiring ode to the dreamy spires.’

Helen Fielding

'Oxford is a victim of its beauty: the pavements crammed with bemused tourists, filthy buses jamming the streets. But the artists behind these images have not been deterred: this is a treasury of new ways of seeing'

Jeremy Paxman

‘A great book with some beautiful pictures of our home city’

Craig and Charlie Reid ‘The Proclaimers’

'What a nice idea, Oxford's so lovely, it makes me feel very nostalgic'.

Rick Stein

" It’s a brilliant idea to let today’s artists show us the grand sights - and the intimate ones as well" 

John Simpson

liverpool3Liverpool Images by Steph Dekker